Manual coffee grinders make a great travelling companion for the AeroPress, as well as for everyday use.

And now you have a new choice – the brand new Aromata Grinder by JavaGear, the makers of the JavaJug. Because they use no electricity, you can get fresh ground coffee anywhere – and a bit of arm exercise too!

The grind quality is very even, and the low speed manual grinding action provides a superior tasting cup of coffee compared to a typical high speed blade grinder.

Just scoop your beans into the plastic dish at the top, rotate the grinding wheel, and a little while later you’ve got nicely ground coffee in the small plastic container below.

Adjustable ceramic conical burrs let you easily set the fineness or coarseness of the grind. (A medium-fine grind is recommended.) You can even remove the plastic jar and grind directly into the AeroPress, which makes it even more portable!

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