AeroPress coffee maker and Porlex Tall coffee grinder




Looking for a perfect compact coffee grinding/brewing combination? The stainless steel Porlex mini fits inside the body of the AeroPress Coffee Maker. Just strap on the grinder handle and you’re all set.

If you’re not familiar with the AeroPress, it’s a near-complete manual coffee making system. However – you do need to supply your own hot water, because the AeroPress doesn’t include a way to heat water. Also, you need to add coffee!

This combo includes the AeroPress® Coffee Maker (which has 350 paper filters) and a Porlex Tall manual grinder.

Whether you want the perfect coffee grinder for traveling, or you want a great quality burr grinder without the price tag of an electric machine, Porlex grinders are what you’re looking for. This grinder has ceramic burrs and a stainless steel housing, which not only makes it easy to clean, but more resilient than glass versions, and produces less static than plastic versions.

Easy to adjust, from Turkish Grind to French Press
Produces a uniform grind
Ceramic burrs won’t rust and stay sharper than metal burrs
Made in Japan